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Who we are

NēSH MARKET is an online marketplace where customers find niche products sold by hobbyists, inventors, makers, and micro to medium size businesses.

For a multitude of reasons, many amazing niche products never make it to traditional, mainstream places of business where they can be discovered and purchased by consumers.  Many of these products are for sale via one or two small avenues such as niche forums, small individual websites, or in a local store or two. Many consumers, even those already involved in forums and social media groups simply do not know that these products exist.  NēSH MARKET provides a central marketplace where hobbyists, inventors, makers, and micro to medium size businesses can sell their unique products in an environment that is not cluttered by endless listings of mass-produced junk.

Why NēSH MARKET is the answer

Current avenues for selling:

Individual website –  Even with advertising and search engine optimization (SEO), it is simply difficult to drive traffic to your website.  If people do not see your products, they cannot buy them.

Forums – Most forums cost money to sell or advertise and frequently only a small portion of your potential audience actually browse the classified section of the forum(s) on which you sell.  Often times there are regional forums for a non-regional niche and it is nearly impossible to join, sell, monitor, and contribute to all of the forums that cover your niche.

Social media – It is difficult to build a social media following or bring attention to your products via hashtags, posts, etc.  Your exposure is also controlled by algorithms that can significantly limit who sees your posts.

Local retail – Local retail is a good avenue for sales if your niche product(s) fit into a local store, such as fishing, hunting, or camping.  Unfortunately, it is hard to get large-scale exposure via local retail and your margins suffer greatly due to having to sell at wholesale to the retailer.

Direct B2C Sales (business to consumer) – These sales are person-to-person between you and the consumer.  These sales take place at your store, festivals, events, etc. While this can be a good avenue for sales, they are intensive in time and often money and have a limited reach.

Large online marketplaces – Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc.  These marketplaces are saturated with listings that are non-niche, low-quality, drop-shipped, or otherwise different from what you sell.  Even if you can get your product(s) onto these marketplaces, consumers cannot find you due to the saturation. The selling fees can be quite substantial.

  • Start your online store and list products for free!

  • Feed consumers’ desire for new, unique, undiscovered, small business goods.
  • No need to pay for a separate website – your store has a unique web address.
  • Direct your social media and advertising to your unique store.
  • Enjoy traffic from NēSH MARKET advertising and residual traffic from other vendors.
  • Only pay a modest 5% commission plus payment processing fee when you make a sale.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Be part of a special selling community with direct and indirect traffic to your store.

NēSH MARKET costs you nothing to get started.  You can create your own store and list your products within appropriate categories where customers are looking for the things that you are selling.  There is no charge for you to create an account and list your products.  If you would like direct assistance creating your store, we have store set-up plans available at reasonable charges.

You might have paid a fee to be able to sell products on your favorite niche internet forum.  It’s definitely an effective way to reach potential customers and get sales, but it has limits.  Frequently only a small portion of your potential audience actually browse the classified section of the forum(s) on which you sell.  Often times there are regional forums for a non-regional niche and it is nearly impossible to join, sell, monitor, and contribute to all of the forums that cover your niche.  Although you might be on the best forum for your niche, you are still missing a huge number of potential customers.  NēSH MARKET provides search engine optimization (SEO) to drive customers to your NēSH MARKET store or listings from internet search engines so people that are looking for your products can find you.  Your store has a unique web address, such as neshmarket.com/store/yourstore and there are no monthly fees associated with building and running your own website.

Many consumers enthusiastically shop for the undiscovered, the next new thing, and the non-mainstream.  They like supporting small businesses and they like being an early adopter of the next big thing.  Maybe your products are not quite the right fit for crowdfunding or you just don’t have the resources to try.  With NēSH MARKET, consumers get to discover you and your products and you get exposure and sales.  You will also be able to take advantage of the sentiment of the small business/local/handcrafted/early adopter trend and give consumers what they want.

Enjoy the benefit of a special selling community of hobbyists, inventors, makers, and micro to medium size businesses looking for a platform to have their products be seen.  You will not only get traffic from people directly searching for your products, but also residual traffic from people browsing.  NēSH MARKET is the perfect place to incubate new products.  You don’t need a massive inventory to get started, so you can bring your product to market while continuing to develop and improve.

We work tirelessly to advertise and promote not only NēSH MARKET as a whole, but we also feature products and stores to increase your traffic and exposure.   You give us content that we share on social media platforms and other advertising and we give you content suggestions for your own promotion.  Together we drive traffic to NēSH MARKET and your store.

When you sell a product, a 5% commission plus the payment processing fee are deducted from your payout.  The commission is charged on both the sales price and shipping so that vendors cannot artificially lower sales prices and inflate shipping prices to avoid fees.  Fee avoidance of any kind will not be tolerated.  Just like any other online transaction, you will be charged a payment processing fee.  Our preferred payment processing service is Stripe.  Stripe charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.  Using a Stripe account for payment allows automatic dispersal of funds into your account.

Although there may be multiple vendors selling similar products, all of these products meet our guidelines and customers enjoy browsing knowing that they don’t have to wade through pages and pages of the same imported, mass-produced junk in order to find the worthwhile listings.

If you do not see the proper category for your product, just let us know and we will create your niche.