Frequently Asked Questions

What if my product does not fit into a category?

-Let us know and we will create a category or sub-category that best fits your product. Email us at 

What are the seller fees?

-You set up an account for FREE, each product listing is FREE, just pay a 5% commission to Nēsh Market when your item sells, and pay the Paypal processing fee, which is 3% plus $0.30 per transaction.

How do I remove products from my store without deleting them permanently?

To archive a product, go to your vendor dashboard and click on Products. Click on the Archive Product
button to the right under Actions. The product is now saved, but not displayed in your store.
To re-publish an archived product, to to your vendor dashboard and click on Products. At the top of the
screen, click on Archive to open your archived products. Click on the desired product, then click Submit.

How do I get paid?

Nēsh Market disburses payments every Monday for orders that have been marked complete. At the
current time, you must manually change the order status to COMPLETE after you ship an order, even though
the order shows as shipped.

The funds are disbursed to your Paypal account that you linked while setting up your store. If you are
utilizing our integrated shipping, then orders automatically get marked shipped after
shipping if you click Mark Order Completed/Shipped when buying your shipping label. If you are
shipping your orders utilizing your own method of shipping, then you will need to manually click the
Mark as Complete icon in the Actions area of that order. Each time that you receive a payout for your
week’s completed orders, the payout will incur Paypal’s $0.25 payout fee. Please note you must still mark the order as complete in the seller dashboard in order to trigger a payout.