Product Guidelines

Product Guidelines

All product listings are subject to approval by the NēSH MARKET staff.  Information regarding the origin of the product is required. Incomplete information may delay your product being approved.  Misleading or deceptive information will result in the product not being listed and may result in termination of your account.  Periodic random audits will be conducted to ensure the integrity of NēSH MARKET as being an authentic marketplace for unique products sold by hobbyists, inventors, makers, and micro to medium size businesses.

Products meeting one or more of the following criteria are acceptable for sale on NēSH MARKET:

  • The product is handmade or manufactured by yourself or your direct staff.
  • The product was uniquely assembled by you or your direct staff from parts procured from others.
  • The product was designed by you, but manufactured by others under your direct control.  These products are only available through you and are not otherwise sold by the manufacturer.

The following products are unacceptable for sale on NēSH MARKET:

  • Products that infringe on the legal intellectual property of others.
  • Private labeled products manufactured by others.  Products with labeling or other stylistic changes to existing products or designs are not eligible for sale on NēSH MARKET.
  • Products manufactured by others that are not unique and/or you were not directly responsible for the design.  Evidence and an explanation may be required before such products can be listed.
  • Firearms, ammunition, firearm kits, lowers, and 80% components.  We do not facilitate the sale of firearms and ammunition and we are not a platform to test the legal edge of what constitutes a firearm, suppressor, etc.  We DO allow the sale of firearm components such as triggers, muzzle brakes, etc. that do not meet or test the legal definition of a firearm.