Seller Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Nēsh Market!  Please use this guide while you are creating your new Seller account to set up the basics of your store.  If you need more information, see our Vendor Resources. 

Click on Vendor Registration and enter your information, and check your email for the verification code (Do not forget to check your spam folder just in case).

Once you are registered you will enter the Store Setup Wizard for your store.


You may skip the setup wizard and directly enter the vendor Dashboard, or follow the wizard (Recommended) to provide the necessary store details.

The Wizard process should take about 5 minutes to complete.

STEP 1 – Store

Please fill out the store details, such as store logo, banner, address of the store, location and store description. Note that few fields will be pre-filled ( such as store email, name etc which are present as registration field), you can fill up the remaining fields as shown below:

STEP 2 – Payment

This is perhaps the most important step of all where you will set up you payment account (Paypal). The photo below shows a bank transfer option, but Nēsh Market utilizes Paypal.

STEP 3 – Policies

This step is where you will enter your store policies like refund policy, shipping policy and cancellation policy. Additionally, you can set the label for policy tab from here.

STEP 4 – Customer Support

You may enter your details of customer support, phone number, email and physical address of contact support.

STEP 5 – SEO of vendor store

Set your store’s social and SEO related settings from here. Enter up to the following:

*SEO Title
*Meta Description
*Meta Keywords
*Facebook Title
*Facebook Description
*Facebook Image
*Twitter Title
*Twitter Description
*Twitter Image

STEP 6 – Social Setup

You can also place the links of your social channels in your store for more engagement, portraying social links in your store definitely boosts your sales as it gives you more window. Here’s a screenshot of the page with an example of twitter account being set:

Here is where you can see the social media links on your page, shown below with a twitter link:

STEP 7 – Finish Line!

Once you have completed the above steps you are done with the initial store setup and should see the following:

Once you click “Let’s go to the Dashboard” you will be redirected to your vendor Dashboard, where you can fill in any remaining or left-over details of your store, and start adding products and start selling!


In addition to the Wizard shown above, or if you decided to skip the wizard or any steps, you can enter the data from Settings panel in the Vendor Dashboard here: Vendor Dashboard -> Settings as shown below:

You will find similar options provided in the Dashboard as well, and can fill in the required details for setting up the store. Please find the sections highlighted in red to check the fields provided and configure your store accordingly to start selling!