Seller Detailed Shipping

This guide will help you set up your shipping settings.

NēSH MARKET offers three methods for vendors to ship orders:

1 Live Rates: displays the actual shipping costs for customers to select their desired option.

2 Flat Rate: vendors can set a flat rate amount to charge for shipping for every order.

3 Free Shipping: the cost of shipping is built into the pricing of the goods.

If you will be using your own system to buy and print labels for shipping, then complete steps 1-4. 

If you would like to seamlessly purchase, print, and track shipping within NēSH MARKET, you will need to complete steps 1-12. 

Important:  In addition to setting up your shipping per this guide, you must also make sure that the shipping method of each product matches your chosen method.  This can be done when creating your product listing or afterward from your vendor dashboard by clicking on Products–> Edit Product–> Shipping. Any products added to your store after setting up shipping per this guide will automatically be set to your default chosen shipping method.

Step 1: In your Vendor Dashboard, click Settings–>Shipping.

Step 2: Ensure that Enable Shipping is checked.

Step 3: Under Processing Time, select how long it takes you to process orders.

Step 4: Select which method of shipping charges you would like to use:  Live Rates, Flat Rate, or Free Shipping.  We highly encourage the use of Free Shipping.  E-commerce customers have grown accustomed to free shipping and you will reduce abandoned shopping carts and lost sales if you offer Free Shipping.  Price your products accordingly so that the shipping costs are built into your pricing.

If you will be using your own system to buy and print labels, then select Flat Rate or Free Shipping and your shipping setup is complete You will need to manually mark your orders as shipped and send your customers the tracking information.

Step 5: If you would like to seamlessly purchase, print, and track shipping within NēSH MARKET, you will need to establish an account with our integrated shipping partner, Shippo.  We recommend Shippo’s pay-as-you-go plan that costs only 5 cents per label (in addition to actual shipping costs) and has no monthly fee.  To set up your Shippo account, click on Configure next to Live Rates (even if you will not be using live rates).

Step 6: Click the check box for Enable Live Rates.

Step 7: Click Connect With Shippo to create your account with Shippo.

Step 8: After you have set up and connected your Shippo account, select your appropriate Packing Strategy.

Step 9: If you are using Live Rates for your shipping method, you can increase or decrease the displayed shipping rates (not common) utilizing Rate Adjustment.

Note: You must input your store address under Settings/Location in order for Live Rates to function.

Step 10: If you ship with standard boxes, add your boxes so that shipping calculations will be accurate and easy.  Don’t forget to Save Changes!

Note: It is important to accurately input the dimensions and weights of your products as you are adding them to your store so that the Live Rates are accurate.  Even if you are not using Live Rates, having accurate dimensions and weights for your products will make shipping easier because you will not have to weigh each package before you buy a label.

Step 11: Now that you have set up your Shippo account and standard shipping boxes, go back to Settings–>Shipping and select your default shipping method.

Step 12: If you are using Live Rates or Free Shipping, your setup is complete.  If you are using Flat Rate, then click Configure to set up your shipping rate per order for geographic regions (countries and/or states).