Seller Detailed Shipping

If you choose Flat Rate Shipping:

How to set up Flat Rate Shipping:

Flat Rate allows you to charge a flat rate for each item.  The charge can be per unit or per any quantity of a single product.  If you want a single flat rate for orders that include more than one different product, then you need to configure your Table Rate shipping (see below).  You can select Flat Rate shipping as your default setting, but you must set up the flat rate rules under the shipping setting of each product.  Please see below for a guide to setting up Flat Rate shipping.  If you need some variability for order amount, size, etc., then see below for Table Rate shipping. 

The Flat Rate method has a number of product level settings as depicted in the screenshot below.

Flat Rate shipping method settings:

Shipping Profile

Shipping Profiles provide a way for sellers to reuse shipping rates for items with similar shipping requirements. The seller can either choose an existing shipping profile or select Add new profile to create a new one. If an existing profile is selected, the rates defined in that profile will be used for the product.

Profile Name

Allows sellers to set the shipping profile name when adding a new profile.

Calculation Method

Controls how the entered shipping costs are applied to calculate the shipping rate. There are two choices:

Apply rate once per product – When selected, the entered shipping cost will be applied only once for the product. In the example above, the shipping rate will be calculated as $5 for a customer in the U.S., even if the quantity purchased is greater than 1.

Apply rate once per quantity – When selected, the entered shipping cost is applied once per quantity purchased. In the example above, the shipping rate will be calculated as $15 if a customer in the U.S. purchases 3 of the product.

Maximum Charge

Allows sellers to set a maximum shipping charge for the product. Useful when combined with the Apply rate once per quantity calculation method.

Shipping Rates

This is where sellers enter the per-product or per-quantity shipping cost for each country they ship to. Country level rates can be overridden for individual states, and there’s a convenient Everywhere Else option that can be used when the shipping cost is the same in all but a few countries or states.

Sellers must enter at least one shipping rate for the Flat Rate method to work properly.

Table Rate Shipping:

Table Rate allows sellers to set shipping rates based on the subtotal, weight, or number of items a customer has in their cart. With flexibility built in, it also enables vendors to charge different rates based on the country of the buyer. Should a seller not wish to ship to certain countries, you can do that as well! See below for a guide to setting up Table Rate shipping.

The Table Rate shipping option is probably the most versatile method to allow you to vary your shipping charges based on order total, weight, geography of the customer, and more. 

On your seller Pro Dashboard, click on Settings, then click on Shipping, then Configure.

After you click on Configure, you will be brought to the Table Rate page.  First, we will configure the Domestic table.  While hovering over Domestic, click Edit.  You can change the name from Domestic to whatever you would like.  You also can add or delete whatever country or countries are included in your table.  Most sellers will only have the United States here.  Remember to click Save Changes.

Next, click on View and then you will be able to set up your table rates based on the criteria you decide.  The options are Subtotal, Number of Items, and Total Weight.  For example, if you want to charge $10 shipping for orders under $50 and $5 shipping for orders over $50, then you would replicate the table below: