Seller How-to

Now that you are a seller (vendor)…

Welcome to the Nēsh Market Pro Dashboard! Please follow this guide to successfully set up your store and begin selling.  In addition to setting up your store with your store info and products, you must set up payments in order to receive payment for your orders.  The Pro Dashboard has the menu bar below:

Store Overview

Under the Dashboard tab, you have a dynamic and always-up-to-date overview of how your store is performing. You can change the start/end dates at the top to get all your stores sales results. Showing you # of orders, total products sold, commission owed, and commission paid at the top. The Order Totals is a bar chart, and on the screenshot below we only had orders for one day. However, it’ll populate properly for every day of orders for the report period chosen. The Product Totals give you a quick overview of the the percentage of sales each product contributes to your store’s total revenue. Hover over a slice of the pie with your mouse for the name of the product that slice represents.

Adding and Editing Products

…is all done on the Products tab. Click it and you will see all the products your store has listed on the site, their publishing status, price, categories and tags. Hover over a product to edit, delete or view it.

Adding a product is really easy. It’s the same for editing a product. Simply click Add Product at the top/bottom of the Products tab.

The two available product types are Simple and Variable. Simple is for products that are, well, simple. If the product comes in only one size/color/quantity, then Simple would be the best fit. If you need to offer options for different sizes, colors, etc. (called attributes),  then you can set up a Variable product. You can set the product up based on one or more than one attributes. We have populated each attribute with common options. If you do not see an option that you need, such as a particular color or size, then click Add New and a window will pop up asking you to add a new term name.

Viewing Your Orders

Clicking on the Orders tab brings you to your orders view where you can see all the orders customers have placed for your items. You can add notes that email to the customer, add tracking numbers, mark orders as shipped, and also print a packing slip. 


Clicking on the Commissions tab will show you your commissions and payouts and their respective status.  The commission is the amount of money that you, the seller, make from each sale.  The commission includes the total sales amount including any shipping and taxes minus the Nēsh Market selling fee of 5% and the Paypal transaction fee of 2.9% plus $0.30.   For example, if a customer living in your own state purchases your handmade walking stick for $50 and you set your shipping as a flat rate of $5 and the sales tax rate is 7%, then the total order is $50+$5+$3.85 = $58.85.  The selling fee is $2.75  (5% of $55) and the Paypal transaction fee is $2.01 ($.030 + 2.9% of $58.85).  Your commission will be $54.09 ($58.85 – $2.75 – $2.01).


These are really important ones! Here you set your store name, description, social media links, phone number, banner images, and avatar/icons.  Under the Settings tab, there are seven tabs.

The Store tab is where you input your store name, description, seller info, store location, etc.  Some of the fields are required and many are optional. 

The Payment tab is required.  At this time, we use Paypal for our payment transactions.  A buyer does not need a Paypal account to check out.  Buyers can use a credit card without signing up for an account.  Sellers, however, MUST have an account.  We  disperse your commissions to you utilizing Paypal Payouts.  We cannot pay you for the products you sell unless you have a Paypal account attached to your vendor account. 

The Branding tab allows you to personalize your store by uploading a store logo and store banner.

The Social tab allows you to input all of your social media accounts so that customers can follow you and stay up to date.  The social media icons will appear on your store’s main page once you input your info.

The Policies tab is optional.  If you have store policies such as return, shipping, or other policies beyond the Nēsh Market policies that you would like your customers to see, then this is the place for them. 

The SEO tab allows you to customize your Search Engine Optimization.  You can fill in the fields as appropriate to help your store get noticed on the internet.  These fields are not required in order for the Nēsh Market search bar to show your products.  They will, however, help bring traffic to your store from people searching for your products from outside Nēsh Market. 

The Shipping tab is extremely important.  EVERY sellerr must configure the Live Rate shipping in order to be able to buy and print shipping labels via your dashboard, even if you are utilizing the other shipping options.  The Live Shipping and label purchasing/printing are powered by Shippo, so you will have to sign up or link an account.  You have the ability to select your own choice for how you cover shipping.  The choices are:

 Live Rate displays actual shipping rates for the customer to select which shipping method they would like.  USPS is standard and included with your Shippo account that you have linked, but you can link any of your other carrier accounts to your Shippo account.

Flat Rate Shipping:Flat Rate allows you to charge a flat rate for each item.  The charge can be per unit or per any quantity of a single product.  If you want a single flat rate for orders that include more than one different product, then you need to configure your Table Rate shipping (see below).  You can select Flat Rate shipping as your default setting, but you must set up the flat rate rules under the shipping setting of each product.  For our more detailed guide on how to set up Flat Rate as well as Table Rate shipping, please click here

Free Shipping is just what the name implies.  Customers do not pay for shipping.  We strongly encourage all of our sellerss to offer free shipping whenever possible. If you need to offer free shipping for the contiguous 48 United States, but charge shipping for everywhere else, then please see Flat Rate shipping guide and how to set up rates by geography. 

Table Rate allows sellers to set shipping rates based on the subtotal, weight, or number of items a customer has in their cart. With flexibility built in, it also enables sellers to charge different rates based on the country of the buyer. Should a seller not wish to ship to certain countries, you can do that as well! Please see our detailed shipping guide here for a guide to setting up Table Rate shipping.

Ratings / Feedback

 Customers can leave you 1 to 5 stars for your products by visiting their My Account page and clicking Leave Feedback. They can edit/update the feedback at any time, too, that way if you get a poor review you can work with the customer to make their experience/product better and perhaps they will update their rating!


As a seller, you can create coupons specifically for your products. These coupons will not work on any other products, except for those in your store. You can include only certain products, include all of your products, or even include all and exclude others, or even by category! It can be a percentage discount, or a flat dollar price reduction, or free shipping.